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The Miracle Of Snapper

Yesterday I was talking to a couple people on the #suse irc channel (freenode) about btrfs and what its benefits are over ext4. There are quite a few, but the one that really stood out for me was the ability … Continue reading

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Configuring Remote SSH

So yesterday I attempted to set up remote ssh for my openSUSE server so that I could access my documents while at school, at a friends home, etc. So I started with configuring sshd to be secure, after which I … Continue reading

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Trying Out Ubuntu 14.04

I decided to give Ubuntu 14.04 a try as it was released recently. As usual the Ambiance theme looks great (in my opinion anyways) and is a real joy to use. However, Unity is still extremely annoying to use due … Continue reading

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openSUSE repo change

So today I wanted to update my KDE setup from the standard repo version (4.11.5) to the KDE:Current repo version. The process is incredibly simple in openSUSE, you just find the repo you wish to use, add it to your … Continue reading

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Cell Icons Layout

Originally posted on Dex Gecko:
Ugly but informative.

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PS Simple Code

I just wanted to take some time and go over a couple basic powershell features I ran across. You can see that it does have its usefulness (mainly the ability to use pipes), especially compared to the older batch files. … Continue reading

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Programming Paradigms

Found this while looking through youtube and it was very interesting to watch the whole series, I learned a lot. Hopefully I can remember it.

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