Trying Out Ubuntu 14.04

I decided to give Ubuntu 14.04 a try as it was released recently. As usual the Ambiance theme looks great (in my opinion anyways) and is a real joy to use. However, Unity is still extremely annoying to use due to the fact that it feels like you are using a tablet on a desktop computer. Perhaps it is better on a Laptop but I have not had a chance to try it out on one yet. Nautilus is also still lacking basic file manager features that have been in Dolphin for ages (and even in previous versions of nautilus). On top of that Firefox uses the GTK file picker in ubuntu (since Unity is GTK) and its sad that someone thought it was acceptable to have it so that you can only look at one thumbnail at a time, totally defeating the purpose of thumbnails, the directory contents can only be organized in a list fashion with no way to use other modes. As a KDE user it was just too annoying to have to look through half my images in a folder before I found the one I wished to upload. There is also the issue of the GNOME screenshot program being extremely annoying when you want to save a screencapture because the only way to overwrite a file is to type out its name without even being able to see it. WHY.

I also experienced some issues with Unity where it would just freeze on random intervals when minimizing a window. Bringing some windows to focus would result in them just being all black and the only way to see the proper contents again was to resize the window. Perhaps these were issues with the nvidia driver, but I tried 2 versions from the Additional Drivers section in Software Center and they both had these issues.

In conclusion I think 14.04 is alright but those issues mentioned above will keep me away from it (and GNOME). Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Trying Out Ubuntu 14.04

  1. MrSavage says:

    I know your pain with firefox and GTK, I’m trying to figure out how to use a different file picker for firefox T_T

    • ushamim says:

      Totally late with a reply but yeah, I dont think it is possible unless you use some version that is actually built with a specific patch (like the opensuse versions).

      I was never able to figure it out. I know there used to be some blueshell (or similar name) project that supplied firefox binaries with the KDE patches via ppa but I dont know if they are still around (using opensuse now so dont really pay attention to ppas).

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