Learning Qt With QtCreator

I spent the past few days starting a little project that me and a friend had wanted to do for a while. To keep it short, it is supposed to be a level designer for simple text adventure games. The idea is that you allow the user to add rooms, exits and of course text then dump the file in a format that a separate program can play them in. Initially we were going to use Python with tk but while my friend is busy relaxing on his vacation somewhere in the south I decided to begin writing it in Qt for fun. I have made some decent progress although my code is probably quite disgusting. You can find it here if you are interested in reading it; just be warned it is probably not very pretty. Now I am not a very good C/C++ programmer so I found it very difficult to understand the many tutorials that I watched on YouTube or read in the Qt Documentation (which by the way is excellent). I would attempt to write the code, comment it so that at a later date I could remember it but this just didn’t happen. Within a few days I would forget what some of the code did and had to give up since I could not maintain it with my lack of understanding the code. This was a couple months ago but this time around I found that I really understood what I was writing in my program. The use of classes in C++ made much more sense to me and the use of signals and slots was much more clear. It felt like I had really learned stuff just by taking a break from the language and allow everything to soak into my brain. When I was writing it was almost shocking how easily I was able to recall what needed to be done, how to do it and where in the code to put it. In my first attempt the documentation was very difficult to understand, to say it confused me would be an understatement (remember, I didn’t know C/C++). However this time around I find that the documentation is pretty clear in what it says if you understand what the pointers and other details mean to the language. Speaking of which, I made use of this great page to get an understanding of what those strange symbols (* and &) mean.

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