Integration With KDE Connect

So recently on #suse (freenode) someone mentioned about how great KDE Connect was working out for them. They linked me to this blog which has some fantastic videos on kde connect (check it out!). Of course being a KDE user, I had to try this out so I went to the opensuse package list for kde-connect and installed the package. With that done, all that was needed was to install KDE Connect on the phone which is easy since you can find it on fdroid or the Play Store. Then just connect the phone to the same network as the computer (in the future they wont have to be on the same network) and request a pair from either the app or the kde widget on the computer. And just like that you can make use of all the features that make kde connect so great. The only issue I have run into is this but it has a very simple fix which is described in the bug report. So Albert and anyone else working on this, kudos to you because this is fantastic.

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