Switching To openSUSE Factory

For a while now I have been interested in trying out Factory on my system because many of the packages I use are from non default repos in 13.1 so I figured I might as well have everything bleeding edge.

Well I decided to finally take the plunge and followed these great instructions to switch my system over. After a very long wait (my connection maxes at 250kb/s!) I finally finished the zypper dup and anxiously rebooted my system.

Well as it turns out things didnt go so well and my / partition (btrfs) had some strange issue that caused the system to fail to boot. As I didnt have time to mess around with it, I downloaded a Factory snapshot and attempted to install it. Unfortunately there was a bug that caused YaST to crash during the install.

So with that eliminated as an option I again installed vanilla 13.1 (this time with no btrfs!) and switched over to the Factory packages. After several hours of waiting, the zypper dup finished and I was able to reboot successfully. Yay!

And I have been running Factory for ~2 weeks now and so far have had no issues at all with any of the packages on my system (besides the issue mentioned above). Thank you for those those of you working on Factory, this is just as stable as 13.1 on my system.

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