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Cloud Encryption Threat Map

The Cloud has gained quite a bit of popularity within the past decade such that many companies can roll out their own or one hosted by a cloud provider with relative ease. However with this new world come new threats … Continue reading

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Intro To Crypto, PT3: DES and the Feistel Network

Welcome to Part 3 of my intro to cryptography course review, in this post I decided to go over DES and Feistel Networks. Block Cipher Block Ciphers are built by Iteration. They take some PT Block, pass it into an … Continue reading

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Intro To Crypto, PT2

Welcome to part 2 of my posts on the material from the “Cryptography I” course. In this course the material is designed to teach students about how to scientifically determine what concepts/algorithms are and are not cryptographically secure. I am … Continue reading

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Intro To Crypto, PT1

Well it will take some work, security is not like what they show on TV. You don’t need green on black text, special goggles or an unlimited enhance function. Instead, it requires sitting down and understanding the history of the … Continue reading

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Firefox Contextual Identities

Mozilla recently announced a new feature that is being tested in the Firefox browser called “Contextual Identities”. The idea behind this feature is that users will be able to separate different types of browsing into different identities, allowing them to … Continue reading

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Aeon: The Songs Of The Wolves

Something a bit different for my blog but I couldnt help but share this very cool article by¬†Holly Root-Gutteridge I saw on twitter about how wolves (and other animals) have different tunes/patterns when communicating depending on the region they are … Continue reading

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Interesting read:

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