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Pen Testing – LAMPSecurity (CTF6)

Introduction I recently learned about VulnHub, a site where you can download and attack some demo machines that others have shared. It is very useful if you are looking to learn about security or advance your existing skills. In this … Continue reading

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Starting With OpenStack

Just a quick post from our labs exploring OpenStack in class. Installation Openstack can be installed through the use of packstack on Centos 7. Then just download the script for installation and run it Contents of the packstack install script: … Continue reading

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Hardening Linux Server With AIDE

What is AIDE? AIDE is an Intrusion Detection System for checking file integrity. This is done through the comparison of database files. AIDE is capable of checking inode, permissions, modification time and file content changes. Installation Installation is very simple … Continue reading

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Learning Puppet: Part 1

Puppet is a very useful configuration management tool that has become popular due to its ability to allow administrators to enforce configuration on an entire network. Here is an excerpt from the book Learning Puppet by Jussi Heinonen about why … Continue reading

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IP Address Geolocation With Python

This script was done in Python 3.4.3 for an exercise in OPS635. Attempting to find the geographic location of an IP address can be quite frustrating with python on Linux. I had several issues attempting to get a library and … Continue reading

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Snort [Intusion Detection/Prevention System] Installation & Setup In OpenSUSE 13.2

In this post I will be going over the steps required to setup snort on an openSUSE 13.2 server. I found that there was very little documentation for opensuse except this very useful pdf. I decided to make a post … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Flash

Its been a long time since I posted, and I know I never finished my series of posts about DNS, NFS and NIS. I promise I will get to it soon! For now however, I have decided to post about … Continue reading

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